How to get your TikTok video featured on the For You Page

As recently it hit 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media channels. Although, the platform is not as big as others, including Facebook and Instagram. But, some demographics have chosen it over other social networking channels.

Today, so many brands are establishing their presence on TikTok for better reach, but not all of them are experiencing satisfactory results. To get success on TikTok, your content must be shown on the For You Page or users' feeds. Content with quality and more engagement tends to be promoted on TikTok. Today's guide will let you know how to get featured on TikTok For You Page.

What is TikTok For You Page (FYP)?

After opening the TikTok app, we find a page of video content labeled the “For You Page”. This is known as the main content discovery tool of TikTok. The page is collated with the content recommendations based on users’ actions on TikTok, i.e., what users like, share, and view more.

TikTok algorithm shows you content based on your previous behavior or interactions. You may find content from creators whom you may not know. But when you feel the content is interesting and according to your taste, you may follow their profiles. So, the more your content is featured on the TikTok For You Page, the more chances it will have to go viral.

How does the Algorithm of the TikTok For You Page work?

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation system of TikTok that recommends content based on the account settings, previous actions, and preferences of the users. We would like to discuss factors affecting what shows up on the user's TikTok For You Page or feeds:

How does the Algorithm of the TikTok For You Page work?

Account settings:     

While creating an account, TikTok asks for language preference and country settings. These settings are signals for the TikTok For You Page algorithm. TikTok algorithm shows content based on the preferred language and region.

Users' behavior and action:

This includes users' behavior and actions they have shown in their recent activities. These actions may include likes, comments, shares, and more views on a particular content. When users tap on not interested in some types of content, TikTok avoids showing such types of content to users.

Content information:

TikTok algorithm also promotes content on Feed or For You Page based on the content information. This information includes trending sounds or music on TikTok, TikTok hashtags, and captions or phrases featured in TikTok videos.

You must also know what the For You Page algorithm does not take into account while recommending content to users. It does not account for follower count and content with high performance.

It means that if you are a beginner in TikTok and you offer your best in providing quality and engaging content, you can be a star on TikTok overnight. The basic goal for you is to create engaging and high-quality content that will grab users' attention.

Tips for getting featured on TikTok’s For You Page

You have obtained the idea of what TikTok For You Page is and how its algorithm works. We have shared the possible benefits of staying on top or up to date on TikTok’s For You Page or feed. Now, let’s delve into the potential ideas or tips for getting featured on TikTok:

1. Identify your audience

As the TikTok For You Page is collated with the content that TikTok believes users enjoy the most, you must comprehend or identify who your audience is and what they love to watch on TikTok. Remember your content will get better reach only when it displays to the relevant community. Otherwise, all of your efforts will produce nothing.

Use professional tools, such as analytics to know about the gender, age, and location of your audience. If you are new and do not have enough data to understand, go with other social media channels to get an idea. The content preferences change with gender, age, and demographics. Ensure you create content that perfectly aligns with your targeted audience.

2. Create quality content

After knowing your audience, you must focus on creating quality content. As TikTok is a video-sharing platform, people love to watch videos with quality sound, visuals, and unique ideas. TikTok is not going to promote low-definition, blurry, grainy footage, poorly shot, and boring content on the For You Page.

If you really want to be recognized or viral on TikTok, you must bring new ideas that haven’t been shared on TikTok by other businesses or creators. Then, ensure that your videos are aesthetically pleasing to potential viewers. In such a way, users will watch every second of your content. They also share relatable content with their loved ones. Consequently, you get better reach and the TikTok algorithm promotes your content across the platform.

3. Make shorter and more interesting videos

It has been seen that people do not like to watch lengthy videos or content unless their favorite singer is singing or their favorite star is dancing. You must create short videos. Most brands deliver a short message with call-to-action ideas in their content. This short video also brings users in curiosity and they visit brands to get to know more about them.

On the other hand, content with a higher completion rate gets more significance by the TikTok algorithm. Videos that are played to the end are more prompted compared to the videos that are usually skipped by users. Be precise, to the point, and honest to your customers while delivering your brand's voice or message. It will always come up with good impacts, helping you get better reach on TikTok.

4. Use trending music

Today, sounds or music are the ranking signals for the TikTok algorithm. So using trending music on your videos will bring more chances of surfacing on more For You Pages. You can easily obtain an idea about the trending sounds or music on TikTok. Go to your feed or TikTok FYP and start scrolling. 

Ensure you have set your preferred language or region before starting scrolling. You will probably get content that aligns with your preferences. Also, search for specific content related to your business or niche. After scrolling for a few minutes, you will get an idea of how people are creating content and what sound is trending.

Tips for getting featured on TikTok’s For You Page

5. Add popular hashtags

Following TikTok trends will surely help you stay on top of the For You Page. adding popular or trending hashtags always keeps you on trend. It is true that people do not search by hashtags when they open the For You Page. However, you are still recommended to use popular or trending hashtags in your content.

Ensure that you are using hashtags that are quite relatable to the topic and services you are offering to users. You can check competitors' content to get an idea of what type of hashtags they use to be on trend. Some users agree that using tags like #foryou or #foryoupage helps improve their presence on the TikTok algorithm. However, others disagree with this idea.

6. Post at the right time

Posting at the right time has also become a significant factor in TikTok marketing. It is believed that content posted at the recommended time gets more engagement compared to other content.

If you are not familiar with the right time to post on TikTok, do not be worried. You just need to go to the analytical tools. There you will get the complete idea of what time your followers are active on TikTok and how they interact with your content. TikTok analytics also helps you learn what age people from what regions watch your content. Gathering data from these analytics will help you decide better what is the best time to post on TikTok.

7. Work with creators

Working with creators or influencers is considered the most effective way of TikTok marketing in 2023. Influencer marketing or working with other creators helps you reach your targeted audience more efficiently.

What you need to do is hire a creator or influencer belonging to your targeted region or audience and start marketing your brand or services. They are the famous figure on TikTok when you collaborate with them, there are more chances for your content to appear on top of the TikTok For You Page.

The closing statement

TikTok is listed among the most influential social media channels. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become the 6th largest social networking channel in the world. As it is growing rapidly, it has become the favorite platform for businesses or marketers.

What you need to do is maintain your appearance on TikTok, and your brand will start gaining recognition, leading to increased revenue. Follow the above-given tips or strategies to bring your content to the top of the TikTok For You Page.