How Does TikTok Become a Successful Advertising Channel?

Since its launch, TikTok’s growth has been phenomenal. With more than 1.05 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become the 6th largest social media channel in the world. Today, TikTok is not only used as an entertaining or video-sharing platform. It has become the marketing giant for businesses.

With so many users, TikTok helps you expose your brand, services, or products to a large audience within no time. Businesses that are still unclear about whether they should start marketing through TikTok or not are advised to join this comprehensive guide. 

This guide will let you know how TikTok has become a successful advertising channel or how is TikTok good for advertising. So, let’s begin our Tiktok Advertising journey here:

TikTok’ advertising statistics

Let’s have a look at the recently published TikTok statistics. It will let you know to what extent TikTok has become a successful advertising channel:

  • TikTok has over 1.56 billion monthly active users from across the world.

  • TikTok is available in more than 200 countries, allowing you to target your specific audience or region easily.

  • More than 52% of users on TikTok are aged between 18 and 34 and around 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z, helping you target the youngest audience more quickly.

  • Female users on TikTok are more than male users: 48% female users and 52% male users. It offers more growth opportunities for businesses targeting women.

  • 81% of TikTok Shop sales in the U.S. are health and beauty products

  • 1 in 3 TikTok users said that TikTik is their go-to channel to connect with brands.

  • TikTok ads reach more than 17% of internet users above 18 years of age.

What makes TikTok a successful advertising channel?

While having a look at the top social media channels, we find TikTok was launched late by all the social media giants. But, it gained much popularity in comparatively less time than all other platforms.

Several factors make TikTok the best and most successful advertising channel. People searching for how successful is TikTok marketing or what makes TikTok a successful marketing channel are covered through the given reasons:


1. TikTok advertisement options

The basic reason behind TikTok’s popularity as an advertising platform is that it offers businesses a variety of ad options. You can easily create an ad that is perfectly aligned with your requirements. Below are examples of common advertisement options you need to know to promote your business on TikTok:

  • In-feed ads: This advertisement option puts your content in TikTok’s feeds. When users scroll their feed, they will watch your brand’s ad.

  • Brand Takeovers: This type of ad appears immediately when users open the TikTok app on their device. Brand Takeovers are costly ad options, but they help your content reach a large number of people within no time.

  • TopViews: These are special in-feed ad types. They appear at first in the feed that users see after three seconds. TopViews ads are shown at the top of the For You Page. These are up to 60-second ads and appear as full-screen videos.

  • Branded Hashtag Challenge: These ads or challenges appear on the Discover page of TikTok. When users click on the hashtags, they are directed to the branded landing pages. This is an expensive way of advertising but comes with maximum benefits.

  • Branded Effect: This is considered quite an effective way of advertisement as it encourages users to participate. Like the Branded Hashtag Challenge, this ad type is also expensive but comes with large benefits.

2. TikTok influencers’ marketing

After the TikTok advertisement option, another TikTok marketing that drives strong results for businesses is the influencer marketing option. Yes, you can contact the influencers and request them to endorse your brand.

Influencers are some famous accounts or profiles on TikTok with a large number of followers. They can easily advertise your brand to a large and relevant audience.

3. A variety of content

On TikTok, we can find a variety of content. For example, it has become popular to such an extent that individuals or businesses in every single aspect or niche can be found on TikTok. From educational guides to home improvement, traveling ideas, appliance guides, tech solutions, gadgets, and many other types of content are available on TikTok.

In such a way, you can easily advertise your brand or business on TikTok. If you find TikTok advertisement an expensive method, you can go with another marketing approach to buy TikTok followers. This is an affordable marketing strategy comes with maximum benefits.

4. Chances to go viral

As TikTok’s main focus is on video content with compelling visuals and trending audio, it offers users more chances to go viral. We have seen so many examples that users with unique content ideas went viral instantly on TikTok.

Usually, the content most viewed and liked by people usually goes viral. Those creators who are struggling with followers or views are suggested to adopt an easy and effective TikTok marketing strategy to buy TikTok likes. The more likes or engagement you will get, the more chances of going viral you can have.

5. Easy to use and budget-friendly

TikTok marketing is also appreciated because of its easy-to-use method. Whether you are an individual profile or running a business account, you can easily comprehend things and start running advertisements.

Moreover, the normal advertisement plans, such as in-feed ads are budget-friendly because you can easily customize those ad plans based on your requirements.

The closing statement

Indeed, TikTok has become the most popular social media channel in the modern world. It helps businesses to get instant recognition on the internet or online market. If you are also here to promote your business on TikTok, the given ultimate guide on TikTok advertising is enough for you to get an idea of how it can help promote your business. Follow the given guide to boost your business rapidly.