Term of Services

As soon as the client starts using Likesforyou services, he enters into an agreement to the terms mentioned below. By accessing our site client is bound by the terms and conditions set for this website. It also means the client is liable for anything against the terms and conditions. If the client fails to comply with the terms or conditions to use this website. He will stand liable.


i)      Likesforyou is a platform for TikTok services that helps in boosting and enhancing profiles on TikTok.

ii)    Likesforyou gives one time service. It means your new following is not subjected to following the client’s newest or latest video uploads.

iii)  We take responsibility for followers provided for particular post/s. Interaction with the followers is only possible for the period they remain active in the client’s profile.

iv)   Likes are only for the present and already uploaded videos on TikTok. However, if the client decides to buy auto likes. He will get likes on the newly uploaded videos too.

v)    Likesforyou is completely against nudity or content that is not allowed by TikTok policies. Hence, services on such content will not be entertained under any circumstance.


Anyone who uses Likesforyou services must be at least thirteen (13) years old.


  • At Likesforyou there are several payment gateways. All are safe as well as secure. With each checkout, sensitive information regarding bank account details is deleted. That means servers don’t hold the most private financial details.
  • Security of payments is also processed with the use of SSL encryption.
  • Likesforyou assumes the client is sure about the purchased package or packages.

Our faith is to help TikTokers grow in and about videos. In return we expect clients to not file our services under any claim or fraudulent dispute. If we find any attempt in creating a dispute. Likesforyou reserves the right to reset services provided (followers, likes, comments, and views). Also, to maintain sanctity of the company, Likesforyou will not continue to work with such clients (who try to defame us in any capacity).


  • It is not permissible for clients to copy or use any of our programs.
  • Images or texts used by Likesforyou representatives are not for third-party use.
  • Website content is not for copying. However, in emergency needs, a user must take our representative’s permission in writing.


Suspension of account, content deletion, or anything of similar sort doesn’t come in Likesforyou’ liability. It is totally and completely between TikTok policies and terms and the TikToker (TikTok user).

Cancellation Policy

Once the services are provided, Likesforyou can’t reverse or cancel.


Likesforyou will not hold responsible for any damage or loss caused after or before buying TikTok services.

Change of Terms

Terms of Service have all the rights to get changed at any time without any prior notice. Once the changes are made our clients can be notified through a newsletter or other means.

The change will be effective from the date it is posted on our official website.

Nothing will be notified by Likesforyou and the client will be able to continue using our services.

Refund Policy

Likesforyou understands the need for a refund but also knows when it becomes important. Keeping that in mind, we don’t refund under the following conditions. Likesforyou doesn’t refund if and when a profile or content is deleted by officials.

-       This is particularly applicable after the order is successfully delivered.

-        We don’t refund if and when a client reaches us after 10 days of getting the product delivered.

-       Client complains of not getting required or desired results in the form of leads, reach, or visibility.

-       It is not permissible for clients to work with two TikTok service providers simultaneously. Likesforyou is not responsible for results, loss, and damage to the business or personal accounts if more than two TikTok service providers are hired for TikTok boost. The client will hold responsible for the actions and reactions to such practice.

-       Likesforyou takes special and exceptional situations seriously. Hence, we provide refunds in the circumstances mentioned below.

Issues Regarding Delivery: in a situation when the order is not delivered even after exceeding three days, due to slow process. Likesforyou always encourage clients to contact our support team in such situations. However, to make the case legit, Likesforyou strongly believes in putting the case forward in writing. Another key point to getting a refund on time is to let us know within a week’s time of placing the order. If in case the client puts the complaint after seven days, Likesforyou marks the order “completed”. Therefore, we are not accountable for any loss or damage after 7 days (we work all seven days of the week and consider all as working days). 

Incorrect Delivery of the Product: this is a condition when the client doesn’t get what he wanted for his TikTok profile. It is, therefore, a serious matter which should be reported within seven days of the day of receiving the wrong order. To make the process quick, it is advised to contact our support team with evidence or proof. Likesforyou doesn’t comply with this section of the refund policy if and when a client wants us to refund on false expectations. Nonetheless, we are happy to know that we have made you, our client. We also wish you a swift and easy road to TikTok success.