How Many TikTok Views Are Required to Go Viral?

TikTok is a popular platform and the good thing about it is that anyone can go viral with just a single video. If you are wondering how many likes can make you viral, well there is no specific rule that defines how many “TikTok Views” are required to go viral. Rough estimates say it needs millions or even more. If your video gets somewhere around 250,000 views within 3-7 days, you can consider it “medium or mildly viral”, and if it touches 5 million golden marks, within the same bracket of time, usually it is considered viral.

A medium viral video will fetch you a healthy flow of new followers and will help you boost your status on this platform, but you roughly need to achieve that golden number of 5 million to become a new TikTok sensation. There is a bigger chance for a video to go viral if you have a huge fan following, but it's no guarantee at all that every video you post would go viral. It’s a big delusion.

Sometimes even a simple video is liked by millions of users and gets its way on the ‘For You’ page. Where it gets more visibility and there is a chance of maximum engagement on such videos. That’ll eventually increase because of the interaction of more users and your profile will have more chance to be on ‘For You’ more often. 

What is Counted as a “View on TikTok”?

Well as far as views on TikTok are concerned, the algorithm is very simple. As soon as a user clicks on your video, it is counted as a view. As many times the user comes back to watch the content, or watches the video in a loop, views are added and counted. While on other social media platforms like YouTube, for example, the criteria are a bit strict.

YouTube wants to make sure that a human is watching the video with intention, so it takes 30 seconds of watch time to count as a view. That’s the reason users on TikTok get more visibility rate because sometimes users like a video and watch it several times at once. This increases views on your videos and the visibility of your videos is increased.  Unlike YouTube, you don’t need to stay for longer on a video, and then it is counted as a view. Even if you watch a video for 5 seconds it’ll increase the number of video views.

How does TikTok Algorithm Work?

Every social media platform has a different set of rules, criteria, and algorithms on how to rank videos. How does a video qualify to show in your feed, and so on? That’s why it is a lot easier to ask how many TikTok views you need to go viral from the experts. But at the same time, it is vital here to understand how the TikTok algorithm works and how many views you need to go viral on TikTok.

Here it is a little tricky to understand. The TikTok algorithm is the most complex among all social media platforms. The TikTok algorithm recommends content in your feed by ranking videos based on several factors. If you are a new user, it starts with interests you express in video genres, categories, and subcategories, then it adjusts for videos you show displeasure or no interest. Even if you like a video TikTok will show you such kinds of videos more frequently. It depends on your likeness, watch time of a video, and engagement rate including comments on the video. This shows your interest and the TikTok algorithm shows the such type of videos on your ‘For You’ page.

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How Many TikTok Views Are Needed to Go Viral in 2022?

As mentioned earlier, all social media platforms keep updating their algorithms with changing viewers’ choices and marketing requirements. One needs to be aware of the rules they change from time to time. Let’s see how the TikTok mechanism works in 2022.

User Choice

TikTok, like other social media platforms, applies almost the same rule and criteria for a video to go viral. It counts likes, comments, shares, how many times a video is completely watched, and how many times a video is rewatched by the same user. That means videos that are according to the interest of users have more chances to go viral.

SEO Optimized Content

As SEO works on all platforms, it works equally well on TikTok as well. Your video caption, Thumbnail, keywords, hashtags, and sound effects all count if a video has to go viral. Use such keywords in captions that are currently popular on the platform. This will give you more chances to get enough reach and visibility of your profile. Similarly, if you use sounds or music that are currently popular on TikTok. You can have more chances to be on the top of the ‘For You’ page.  

Language and Placement

The TikTok algorithm is designed in such a way that it automatically determines the audience location that is best suited for your video to be shown, which is based on users’ mobile device settings and the type of devices they are using. Secondly, if any trending voice or sound bite is used in the background, TikTok automatically diverts the video to respective users who are more inclined to that sound piece.

User Preference History

Last, but not least, TikTok will serve users a video that meets its highest preferences. Once you have shown disapproval or clicked “not interested” on a video, TikTok might never show you videos from that category again. On the other hand, the type of videos you have watched previously, the watch time you have spent on a category, and watched a particular type of video repeatedly, is likely to be shown in your feed time and again. It's just like interest-based ads that Google shows you regarding your cookies' data. Your previous watch time and interest in videos matter a lot.

How to Make Your Video Go Viral on TikTok?

Well up to this point you should have understood the algorithm and mechanism of how TikTok works. Let me share some useful information with you that may help you make a video that has the potential of going viral. Of course, it doesn’t and will not happen instantly, it requires a high level of patience and persistence, coupled with doing certain things right consistently. You have to work on these algorithms and wait patiently to see results. Also, you have to post consistently on daily basis otherwise your profile will not get the reach or boost it needs.

Hacks to Beat TikTok Algorithm and Get the Boost You Need to Go Viral

  • Three-second rule. You have to hook your audience with your video within the first 3 seconds, there are high chances of your videos being completely watched, even repeatedly watched.
  • Always work on niches rather than working on top trends.
  • Hashtags are very important, use them wisely. Relevant and popular hashtags will work better.
  • Keep your content short and to the point. Don’t start with longer videos otherwise, visitors will lose interest and will leave the video soon.
  • You have to figure out the location of the interested audience and find the best time (at which most of your followers are active) to post your content.
  • Using trending audio on TikTok will be very useful. As this gives more chances to be on the ‘For You’ page more frequently and get maximum reach.
  • Use attractive captions and keywords that you think may attract the audience you are targeting.
  • Always stay updated about new features that are being introduced by TikTok from time to time and make the best use of them.
  • Make use of new filters as this will give you better chance to get maximum visibility and attract more customers.
  • You never know what starts trending, so never delete your old content.
  • Make several videos at a time and keep them in your drafts, and post gradually after a specific time.

Pro Tips for Making Video Go Viral

  • Taking a social media course, attending webinars, and listening to successful TikTokers would help you find missing pieces.
  • Try to team up with somebody who is working in the same niche. Two heads are always better than one and synchronized effort usually works well.
  • Like a duet song, you can create a duet TikTok with another TikToker. Both can respond to one another and usually, there are higher chances of going viral.
  • Pick up the niche, benchmark the most popular video and try to make an even better video than that.
  • Try to reach popular content creators and collab with them. Whether you have to pay or request make it work as it will be worthy and you’ll notice a visible difference in the growth of your account.
  • Last but not least, start a voice trend. If it goes well, nobody can stop you from going viral.

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