6 TikTok Success Stories: How Creators Got Millions of Views and Followers

TikTok has undoubtedly emerged as a social media platform that houses artists and fosters creativity without distinction. It’s a safe space for millions around the world who can express themselves freely over here and find a community of people sharing similar interests. 

TikTok has been a launchpad for many creators who became a viral sensation in no time. This is what sets TikTok apart from other social media networks. Its algorithm works quite differently than the rest of the apps. If the content is good and resonates with a considerable number of people, there is a great chance it will go viral on TikTok. 

This post entails the stories of several such creators and brands who witnessed skyrocketing success on TikTok, amassing millions of likes, views, and followers.

Stories of Successful TikTok Creators 

Everybody starts from scratch at some point, and so did these creators who were willing to give it a shot and take the plunge. Learn valuable TikTok creator tips in this post and get ready to kickstart your journey to viral fame.

Khabane Lame (@khaby.lame)                                                             

Khaby Lame's journey to TikTok fame is a remarkable tale of turning lemons into lemonade. In 2020, while living in Italy, Khaby faced a major setback when he lost his factory job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Housebound and with plenty of time on his hands, he turned to TikTok, initially just scrolling through videos and occasionally posting his own.

However, Khaby didn't settle for simply consuming content. He began experimenting with creating his own videos. It was his turning point when he started reacting to overly complicated life hack videos that were flooding the platform. His comedic genius shone through not in spoken words, but in expressive looks and simple solutions that exposed the unnecessary complexity of these hacks. He is the most-followed person on TikTok boasting over 161.8M followers.

The beauty of Khaby's content lies in its universality. He has transcended language barriers worldwide by ditching dialogue and relying solely on physical humor and relatable situations. This unique content approach resonated with a global audience, making his videos go viral and gaining more and more TikTok views

It wasn't an overnight success story though. Khaby started with a mere handful of views, but his persistence fueled his organic growth on TikTok. He didn't let the initial lack of attention discourage him, and his dedication to creating content eventually paid off in a major way. In 2022 when he became the most-followed person on TikTok. It was a testament to his creativity and ability to find humor in everyday situations.

Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

Charli D'Amelio's story is one where talent meets opportunity on the perfect platform. Before enthralling the internet with her dance moves, Charli honed her skills for over ten years as a professional dancer. She then decided to share her passion on TikTok by posting videos that entailed her impressive choreography and technique.

These engaging dance routines struck a chord with the viewers on TikTok and helped her gain 79.9M followers. Charli wasn't just replicating existing trends; she brought forth her own creativity to the table and initiated new dance challenges that encouraged user participation. This approach of demonstrating her talent and fostering community engagement simultaneously fueled her way to viral fame on TikTok, bolstering her follower count into the millions. 


 Within ten months of starting her TikTok journey, Amelio had dethroned the reigning champion to become the most-followed creator on the platform with millions of TikTok likes. This achievement elevated her status as a social media powerhouse and trendsetter.

While dance remains her foundation, Charli hasn't limited herself to just this. She actively collaborates with other creators, jumps into popular challenges, and offers glimpses into her everyday life, keeping her content fresh and engaging for her audience. This diversification has ensured her continued relevance on the ever-evolving platform that is TikTok. 

Addison Rae (@addisonre)

Like Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae had a strong foundation in dance. Having trained from a young age, she wasn't new to performing. However, the stage shifted from dance competitions to the world of TikTok in 2019. She began sharing her fascinating dance moves on the platform and has 88.6M followers on TikTok currently.      

 While her talent was undeniable, a key factor in Addison's rise was collaboration with a popular TikTok collective called "The Hype House." This group of young influencers created content together, leveraging each other's audiences to achieve wider reach. This collaborative approach helped push Addison's videos into the viral zone.

Addison participates in viral trends and challenges and shares glimpses into her personal life. She has ventured into other art avenues, like music and acting that further strengthen her status as an influencer. Addison's massive social media following has translated into significant financial success as well. 

Chipotle (@chipotle)

It all began with Chipotle observing how their brand was organically mentioned by users on TikTok. A video of an employee's impressive burrito bowl assembling technique went viral and sparked the whole idea. Chipotle instantly grabbed the opportunity and joined TikTok in 2018. They currently have 53.3M likes and 2.3M followers. 

Chipotle took advantage of TikTok's popular challenge format. They launched the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge, inspired by the viral video, encouraging users to recreate the impressive lid-flipping technique. This interactive campaign, often featuring collaborations with influencers like David Dobrik, resulted in driving massive user participation and brand awareness.

Chipotle is always ready to jump on the bandwagon and participate in trending challenges. For example, they launched the #GuacDance challenge around National Avocado Day, capitalizing on users' love for guacamole. This lighthearted and fun idea was really loved by their audience.

They understand the power of visual appeal on TikTok which is why their videos often include the customization options available. Such videos allow viewers to imagine their own perfect bowls or burritos. Using this strategy entices viewers and ignites their cravings. Chipotle’s TikTok presence is so much more than just about promoting food. They incorporate fun, humor, and behind-the-scenes into their content which makes the brand more relatable for the audience.

Enchanted Scrunch by Dasha (@enchantedscrunch)

Enchanted Scrunch by Dasha is the story of a teen entrepreneur finding success by leveraging the vast influence of TikTok. The mastermind behind this vibrant scrunchie business is Dasha, a teenager who identified the perfect platform to display her creations to the world. She has turned her love for scrunchies into a thriving business on TikTok with over 18.4M likes and 490.8K followers. 

The key to Enchanted Scrunch's success lies in its strategic use of TikTok’s short-form video format. Enchanted Scrunch showcased their creative product portfolio in all its glory.  Viewers can see the wide range of colors, the unique designs, and even different ways to wear the scrunchies through engaging TikTok videos.


They truly understand the importance of catering to various styles and occasions. They offer classic scrunchies for everyday wear, dazzling options for a night out, and festive designs for the holiday season. This ensures there's something for everyone, keeping their audience engaged and interested.

Another element that sets Enchanted Scrunch apart is the story behind the brand. The fact that it's run by a young entrepreneur adds an element of inspiration to the broader narrative. It resonates with viewers who dream of starting their own businesses one day. 

Lala Hijabs (@lalahijabs)

Lala Hijabs is the story of a married couple, Will and Sana, who unexpectedly found success through TikTok having amassed 4.4M likes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Will was laid off from his aviation job. Suddenly finding themselves at home together, they began to seek new interests to stay occupied. Sana, a stay-at-home mom, decided to experiment with tie-dye, a popular trend at the time.

Sana tie-dyed one of her hijabs and included it in a casual TikTok video. What they didn't expect was the overwhelming response from the audience. The viewers were captivated by the unique tie-dye design and started inquiring about where they could get a similar hijab. Recognizing this unexpected demand, Will and Sana recognized a business opportunity.  They poured their savings into launching Lala Hijabs in August 2020, starting with a limited collection of just 100 tie-dye hijabs.

The response was phenomenal. The entire collection sold out within 24 hours! This initial success fueled their passion and reassured their decision to pursue Lala Hijabs full-time. Since its initial launch, Lala Hijabs has grown considerably. They've expanded their product range beyond tie-dye, offering a wider variety of styles and colors to cater to diverse customer needs. 

Lala Hijabs leverages the power of social media, particularly TikTok, to promote their products and grow their presence. They create engaging content that not only displays the hijabs but also inspires styling tips and flaunts the versatility of their designs. Their story highlights the potential of social media platforms like TikTok to connect with a specific audience and turn a creative spark into a thriving business.