TikTok Analytics: How to Track Your Performance and Grow Your Following

Getting overnight success on TikTok is a rare case. Sometimes, it happens that any of your content gets much fame, becoming a reason for you to get overnight success. Otherwise, gaining tons of views and a massive audience requires lots of hard work and effort.

Experts suggest putting efforts in the right manner, causing immediate success. It means you must learn what to do and avoid on TikTok. Here comes TikTok analytics, helping you track performance on TikTok, leading to a better content strategy.

Consequently, you can better target your audience to increase engagement as well as business sales. Wondering, how to use TikTok analytics to create an effective content strategy, this article is for you!

What is TikTok analytics?

TikTok analytics allows you to look behind the scenes to know how well your content is performing on the platform. Analytics helps you find the metrics, including the number of TikTok likes, Followers, views, and comments. At the same time, it gives you insights related to your audience's personas, including location, gender, age, etc.

Do TikTok analytics really matter?

The short answer to this query is, YES! TikTok analytics is a helpful way to create a far better strategy, letting you become the competitive entity on the platform.

This is TikTok analytics that can help you know the areas of improvement and ideas of what to avoid on the platform. Consequently, you work accordingly and more efficiently, bringing more accurate and precise results.

Who can access TikTok analytics?

Anyone who has a personal or business account on TikTok can have easy access to TikTok analytics. However, you must learn about analytics as it will help you evaluate data more accurately and precisely, helping you create your content plan and strategy accordingly.

How to access TikTok analytics?

It takes only three simple steps to get full access to TikTok analytics from your mobile phones:

Step 1:Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap on the three lines menu, available at the top right corner of your mobile screen, and go to Creator tools

Step 3: Here you can find detailed analytics of your account as long as you have uploaded one public video to your profile.

Want to access your TikTok analytics through a desktop? Follow the given simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the TikTok Homepage.

Step 2: Click on the upload button available at the top right corner of your computer screen.

Step 3: Tap on analytics on the left side to get full access.

What does TikTok analytics show?

TikTok analytics makes you familiar with a variety of data, including, content performance, follower count, engagement rate, TikTok trends, audience demographics, and many others. Check details that what data can easily be accessible through TikTok analytics:

1. Profile Overview

The overview section in TikTok analytics offers you specific data to track your performance on the platform. It includes, the number of video views, profile views, and the total follower count over a specified period of time.

2. Content performance

Through analytics, you can find detailed metrics on your TikTok content performance. It can help you find the total number of views, shares, comments, likes, and playtime for individual videos you posted on your profile so far.

3. Audience demographics

TikTok analytics are also helpful tools in defining your audience demographics, including users’ age, location, gender, and interests. The audience demographics data can help you customize your content strategy accordingly so that your content can better resonate with your targetted audience.

4. Follower growth

Analytics allows you to track your follower's growth over time and evaluate how it associates with the engagement level and content posting frequency. This idea can help you evaluate what content helps you grow TikTok following and what content type is not worthy at all.

5. Engagement metrics

Using analytics is also the most effective way to examine TikTok engagement rate. Analytics helps you know what type of users show engagement with your content or what type of content gets extended engagement.

6. Trending hashtags and topics

TikTok analytics are also the best source to discover the trending hashtags and topics within your niche. It reduces your TikTok hashtag research efforts and struggles to find trending topics. Use these topics to create videos and integrate hashtags to get better responses.

The best practices for using TikTok analytics to increase growth

While accessing TikTok analytics, you can unlock a number of features, helping you evaluate your content performance. However, getting a good command of each feature and evaluating them individually, can be a challenging task.

Here we come with the best practices, proposed by experts. These practices will reduce your effort to optimize TikTok content to obtain better growth and follower count:

1. Look at what content drives more profile views

Some users, after watching your content visit your profile to learn more about you or your business. Analytics shows you from what posts users visit your profile. So, start generating content that drives more profile views, helping you get real TikTok followers on your profile.

2. Find out what videos encourage users to follow you

TikTok also helps you know what content helps you increase your fan following. You must pay attention to generating such content as it can help enhance your account growth and engagement level immediately. Go through the total follower graph and examine after what content the follower count increased.

3. Discover the trends your audience follow

In the analytical dashboard, you can find a for your inspiration section that will let you know what else your viewers like to watch. By going through this section you can collect enough data about what other ideas you should bring to inspire your audience.

4. Evaluate when your audience is online at the most

You must also evaluate when your targetted audience is online. Go through analytics and find at what time people interact with your content the most. It will help you find the best time to post on TikTok.

5. Track what videos are being shared the most

TikTok analytics can help you examine what type of videos are being shared the most on the platform. Make a list of content or videos that are becoming popular and start generating similar content to get more better response.


TikTok analytics or insights are the tools that help creators know about their performance on the platform. You must get a good command of TikTok analytics to not only track your performance but to get helpful data to create a more optimized content strategy.