Beat the TikTok Algorithm: Use Latest Trends for More Views

As TikTok has become a more competitive social media channel, the firsthand challenge for every creator is to appear at the top of the searches or TikTok’s For You Page.

Indeed, getting a higher rank can be difficult but creators or businesses that follow the best TikTok marketing strategies can do something exceptional on the platform. Obeying the marketing strategies means you are creating content that is liked and promoted by the TikTok algorithm.

Before creating the content marketing strategy for TikTok, you need to learn what is the TikTok algorithm and how it works to get more TikTok views and other engagements on the platform. So, let’s begin your journey to learn the TikTok algorithm along with the best practices to perform well across the platform:

What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is a complicated content evaluation system used to surface the most engaging and relevant content to TikTok users. The TikTok algorithm works based on different factors.

Based on these factors, TikTok decides what content will be shown to what type of individuals or profiles on the platform. For example, from view count to engagement rate, and watch time, everything matters to grow your TikTok audience, or for being promoted on the platform.

How does the TikTok algorithm promote your content?

The more you know about the TikTok algorithm, the more you get the idea that the algorithm is not your enemy. But, it helps you grow well on the platform. Check out how the TikTok algorithm works to promote your content among like-minded people:

1. Engagement rate

The content that receives more likes, comments, shares, saves, and views, tends to go viral on TikTok. The reason behind it is that when your content starts getting engagement, the TikTok algorithm starts promoting it to a more like-minded community or audience.

2. Content quality

One thing you must keep in mind while idealizing and creating content is that TikTok only promotes content that is high in quality. The TikTok content created with visually appealing graphics, good lighting, and clear audio is considered quality content.

3. Content relevancy

TikTok also promotes content on the platform that is quite relevant to the users’ preferences and expectations. For example, if your targetted audience is based on the student community, creating an educational tutorial can make you a more relevant resource and the TikTok algorithm will promote you accordingly.

4. View count

TikTok algorithm also promotes content based on the view count it receives. However, the social media experts also revealed that content with only views but no other engagement factors including likes, comments, and shares may have fewer chances to be promoted compared to the content with a higher user engagement rate.

5. Content watch-time

The more watch time your content gets, the more chances it has to be promoted across the platform. TikTok algorithm favours long-form video content on TikTok until they receive better interactions. But remember that long-form content with a lower engagement rate may not perform well on the platform. If you have short videos with higher engagements, it will help you increase TikTok auto views, leading to more credibility and publicity.

The best practices to boost visibility on TikTok

You may have obtained the ideas of how the TikTok algorithm works. Now, is the time to make compelling content that can help you beat the algorithm. From decoding the latest trends to showing consistency, and evaluating your performance, find out the best TikTok marketing tips to go viral on the platform:

1. Quality content

The first and foremost tip for you is to create quality content. The more your content shows quality, the more it has the chance to go viral. Ensure that you use clear audio, incorporate visually aesthetic graphics, and use proper lights to maintain the content quality.

2. Incorporate relevant hashtags

As many marketing professionals recommend using hashtags, it is the most common question of how TikTok hashtags work or what are the benefits of trending hashtags. When you add trending but relevant hashtags to your content, the TikTok algorithm starts ranking your content in the relevant searches on the platform.

3. Follow challenges and trends on TikTok

Following the latest TikTok challenges and trends is another useful strategy to capture users’ attention. The more users will be attracted, the more they participate, leading to higher engagement.


If someone is searching for how do I find the latest TikTok trend, the solution is simple. Whatever is coming to see on your For You page is a trend on TikTok. Simply go through your For You page to know what music, sounds, filters, and hashtags are trending. Then try to incorporate these trends into your content.


4. Use trending music or sounds

The use of trending music or soundtracks is another way to decode TikTok trends and get algorithmic favor. Try to incorporate music or sounds in your content that are trending among your targetted audience.

5. Engage with your audience

Always try to be engaged with your audience. You can do it by replying to their comments, and keeping them updated through DM messages and others. You can also go live with them. It won’t only increase Tiktok Livestream views but also enhance user interactions.

6. Collaborate with other creators

Collaborating with influencers and creators is among the modern TikTok engagement strategies. It helps you gain more like-minded followers on your account or content within no time.

7. Experiment with different styles of content

You must not only post in a single way but also try to bring more creative TikTok ideas and post in different formats. Including short-form videos, long videos, slideshows, image content and others that are famous among your targetted audience.

8. Show Relevancy

Relevancy is also a key to success on TikTok. The more you create and publish relevant content, the more the TikTok algorithm will promote it to a targeted community or like-minded people. Consequently, your content will get better exposure on the platform.

9. Show consistency

Remember that there are only a few examples of overnight success on social media channels. Otherwise, you have to put maximum effort consistently to get better results. Whether you are using TikTok for business or as an individual creator profile, keep publishing content regularly.

10. Evaluate your performance

Evaluating your performance is crucial to knowing your strengths and weaknesses. For this purpose, you have to check TikTok analytics or insights regularly. Check the sources and reasons for interaction on your content by measuring TikTok's marketing success strategy and start creating your next content campaign accordingly to get more interactions from your targetted community. 

The closing statement

The TikTok algorithm is a complex structure that is, sometimes, hard to comprehend. This is the reason that TikTok creators and business profiles get confused and are unable to create things accordingly to get maximum results. The given discussion will surely help you understand how the TikTok algorithm works. At the same time, the right implementation of given strategies will help you beat the TikTok algorithm, leading to more interaction and fame on the platform.