How to Use TikTok to Reach a Global Audience

The kind of businesses we see online is mostly non-conventional. These brands and the followers on them depict more than success – something that makes them go places while being all digital or online.

However, there are times for each brand and every successful business to start from scratch. It is something from most of us start our ventures. But somehow, we are not successful at the start! Do you know the why of this statement?

Why Do Most Startup Companies and Brands Fail in Reaching Maximum Audience?

The entire concept of getting fame on TikTok relies upon the need for followers, likes, shares, and comments. These actions are termed or known as “engagement tools” as well as “engagement parameters”.

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So, when you don’t have an audience let alone the one you prefer. What becomes more important? Increasing followers or getting an audience from a particular country. If you ask us, the best TikTok guide on social media. Unexpectedly we would call for a global audience – an audience that is not just coming from your country or a specific country; but from countries around the world.

The Importance of Global Audience on TikTok

If you want to bring your TikTok account to the level where the world knows about you, there is no need to brag and flex about your brand anymore, and to see how leads and businesses take off. Then you will need to target a global audience.

Another reason why you would ever dream of getting a global audience depends on the fact that such an audience gives more than imagined money through TikTok monetization. However, if you have a niche niche-centric business or TikTok profile, the need of a targeted audience will be needed. You in any of those situations will not need a global audience.

Whatever the case, this blog is going to turn out to be the main help if for any reason you’re down to get a global audience on TikTok.

So, let’s get started with an extremely basic note…

Dynamics of TikTok on Reaching Global Audience

See, there are different ways to reach a global audience. It is not always about looking for an organic audience though. In the world of constant struggles; the moments of utter disappointments, the unimagined failures on TikTok goals. We all have the beautiful option of buying TikTok services.

These TikTok services are not legal if and when they are based on fake followers, likes, comments, views, etc. At the same time, TikTok policies never stop us from buying third-party services from different applications or websites. Sometimes even Facebook pages offer such services that help augment the TikTok audience through followers, likes, etc.

Interestingly, through those services, you can easily buy targeted followers and likes. All you are required to do in such situations (when there is a dire need to buy TikTok likes, etc.) is to get random followers from different countries, cities, counties, etc.

Keeping that in mind, we have mentioned some of the best ways to increase the global audience on TikTok.

Way #1: Collab with Other TikTok Creators and Influencers

We all need increasing traffic through engagement rate. The same follower who happens to check your profile out for the first time is the potential returner – someone who’d like to step in again and check the content. But at the same time, this organic approach may take ages to reach the milestone, right?

That’s the reason why TikTokers tend to collaborate with influencers and creators. TikTok Influencers and creators usually and mostly have a huge audience (in thousands and millions). Once you collaborate with them, certain advantages are given (by influencers and creators) instantly.

For example, they allow you to create content such as Stitch and Duet. Why do they allow or invite you to make TikTok duets or TikTok stitches with them? Well, it is to make extra bucks while you tap on the influencer’s fan following. From there, when the video is created and shared with the public, you have the highest probability of increasing reach through more audiences.

However, once you collaborate, it is a must to check out the niche – it should always remain the same between you two.

The same niche will bring the same kind of audience for your profile. For instance, if you have worked on female health under 30 years of age. Then, finding someone who works for females under 30 in the health niche is the first prerequisite of collaboration.

Way #2: Interests & Preferences of Audience

This is something extremely important – to know who is your preferred audience and why they should be following you as a loyal, die-hard follower. So, know them inside out in terms of preferences and interests. Understand how their mind works.

Bring awareness to your content and see if they like it. If you think they are liking it and not commenting on anything weird or negative. Go with the flow. Write and create content that sells, that is convertible into leads, that brings you more followers and “I stand with you all my life” kind of loyal followers.

But in doing so, you have to have a certain reality check. For example, see their psychographics, demographics, and awareness level. If you own a product for a 30-year-old man in fitness then see the audience closely. Ask the following questions and then keeping them in mind, create content.

  • Does he have access to a gym?
  • Is he into fitness and workouts at home?
  • What is the ambiance and temperature like (at his location)?
  • Etc.

Note: some TikTok services provide details of everything – detailed analysis of audiences. You can make use of them from TikTok's built-in features. Explore more on this and get benefits in more than one way.

Way #3: Show Real Self and Engage with Audience on Comments

Another way of increasing your international audience is by interacting with those who comment on your posts. Once you do that, there will be certain changes. First thing first, the audience as in the comments will feel connected with you, the real person behind the profile. Secondly, they will build trust and regard you as a trustworthy TikToker. Thirdly, this will increase the visibility and reach of your post will increase.

Connecting with followers will bring more reasons for them to keep following your brand, business, or just a profile with some incentives like merch. However, you can still use the conventional method of welcoming and thanking all those who comment on your post. Making your followers feel special is the real essence of them staying on the list of your loyal followers.

Way #4: Make Use of TikTok’s Promote Feature

There is a new feature on TikTok that helps you to promote your profile. Yes, this is relatively unknown to many TikTokers because it’s not that famous. However, it is one of the best ways to augment your dying profile.

In this feature, TikTok helps creators to reach more audiences and promote their profiles like any other third-party service. The main catch of this feature is to promote content by giving you more followers so that you don’t have to rely on paid TikTok likes or other engagement tools.

Besides that, this new feature of TikTok throws content to bigger and more diverse audiences. That way, TikTok influencers, and creators don’t have to buy TikTok likes, comments, etc. Videos in the form of content on your profiles are promoted with sounds. The original sounds are added to increase commercial gains.

Way #5: Learn More About the Audience

Know more deeply about your global audience. Ask yourself questions like the ones we have written for your ease (to understand what you are looking for).

  • Which songs are trending and which kind of trending songs are liked by your audience?
  • Which are the audio or original songs people want to groove on?
  • Is your global audience into all those fancy storytelling video content?
  • What kind of content do your followers like to watch, listen to, and read?

See, the main aim of your content should be to stay focused on the message, retain the attention of an audience for a longer time, keep them engaged, and transform serious topics into something fun and creative sort. All of these points in a content strategy will enable you to get more audience.

Keynote: always remember, bogus and boring content never gets viral and reaches the “For You” or “Discover” page. If you want to materialize monetary gains, then the need for crisp, short, and meaningful content will be required.

Way #6: Leverage the Audience with TikTok Advertisements 

Okay, since we have not covered quite a lot on how to get your global audience. Let’s talk about the second last way to make it to the highway – yeah, the perfect road towards success!!

Well, this is the way for all those who have some investments to spend on Tiktok Advertisements. Through these ads your profile will stand out among the rest, giving you the freedom to reach more people (audience).

Your advertisement will remain on the top suggested profiles for a specific duration. There are many advertisement plans and you can make use of the best one easily!

Way #7: Never Forget to Explore Hashtags

Last but not least, trying out a hashtag strategy will enable you to increase your audience from all sides and corners of the world. So, what you need to understand at this point is – how a hashtag works and enables you to get better reach and views.

Well, please know that hashtags are the means of increasing discoverability, scalability, and reach that takes you to the “Discovery” page.

If and when you use a hashtag in content, your posts directly reach those who have used similar hashtags on their posts. Also, it helps in connecting you with the most potential customers, an audience with specific preferences, etc.

Last Words: How to Use TikTok to Reach Global Audience?

If you want to get reach and visibility to the level that organic likes and followers multiply on an auto. You have to take care of all the tips and tricks mentioned above. At the same time, you can make use of third-party services and buy TikTok likes to lessen challenges, reach milestones faster, and maintain sanity! We wish you all the very best. And would love to hear from you guys in the comment section below about this blog.