How to Remove TikTok Filter with Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Remove TikTok Filter with Step-by-Step Instructions

With every passing day, the popularity of TikTok is soaring. One of the key reasons users love this immensely popular app is its innovative editing features. TikTok offers users a variety of filters and effects.
This plethora of filters allows creators to customize their content to match their desired envisioned aesthetics or audience preferences. Indeed, applying filters can transform the entire theme and visuals of your content. However, sometimes, creators need to change or remove filters to achieve more precise and desired effects.

The more appealing your content appears, the more it can boost TikTok views and other engagement. This is the reason creators are more concerned about applying the right filters and effects - maintaining the overall charisma of their content. 

😟 Worrying about how to remove TikTok filters or replace them with more preferred ones? Fret not, as we’ve got you covered here. Find out the potential ways to remove filters on your TikTok videos. Additionally, you can explore the circumstances under which TikTok may not allow users to remove filters.

How to remove filters on TikTok videos

TikTok as a vast content editing platform, allows creators to add one or more filters to videos, making them more appealing to go viral on TikTok. TikTok allows you to add or remove filters and other special effects while creating or before posting your videos.
Check out under what conditions you can remove filters on TikTok videos. Also, discover under what circumstances, TikTok does not allow creators to remove filters and other effects from the content.

Remove filters on other’s TikTok video

If you are finding ways to remove filters from other’s TikTok content to know how your favorite creators and celebrities look without filters, the fact may disappoint you that there is no option to do so. TikTok does not show any options for removing filters from videos published by other creators on the platform.

Remove filters on your own published TikTok video

Once, your video is published on TikTok, unfortunately, there is no option to remove filters from your video. The only possibility you can have is to edit the video and repost a new version of it.
Remember that TikTok allows removing filters and other effects from your content or video just before you publish it. So, think twice before you publish your content on the platform.

Remove filters while creating a TikTok video

By default, the TikTok app might apply all filters to your video. So, you must deselect them all to get a raw, unfiltered photo to share with your audience. Follow the given simple steps to remove filters while creating your video or content on TikTok:

Step 1:    Open the TikTok app on your smart device and click the Plus icon at the bottom middle to start creating a video.

Step 2:    At the bottom left of your screen, you will see the Effects tab. Now, tap any chosen effect to turn it off.

Remove filter from videos
Step 3:    You will see the Retouch icon in the right column with a red checkmark. Tap it to deselect it. Now, you will see Beauty mode turned off on your screen.

Beauty mode Turn off
Step 4:    Now, tap the Filters icon. You will see a pop-up menu. At the top left of this menu, you should see a circle with a diagonal line.

Step 5:    Congratulations! you will have all filters and effects disabled now. You can now record your untouched and unfiltered video.

Remove filters on your drafts

If your video is still in your draft and you haven’t saved it yet, the great news for you is that you still have the option to remove unwanted filters. It makes the editing phase risk-free until you save or publish a video. Here is how to remove filters from your drafted content:

Step 1:    Start by opening your TikTok app.
Step 2:    On the bottom of your screen, find the navigation bar and tap on the Profile icon.
Step 3:    Find and open your Drafts folder.
Step 4:    Select the content file you want to revise
Step 5:    On the edit screen, click the Filter icon to remove the filter from your draft file.
Step 6:    Click the Remove symbol - making the filter disappear from your video.

Can we remove the rotoscope filter on the TikTok video?

Rotoscope is one of the recent and popular TikTok filters that allows users to create a colorful cartoon silhouette of anyone being filmed. The filter covers any nude parts of the user filming themselves and viewers will only see a colorful outline prancing about.
Many users are looking for ways to remove the filter from videos posted by other users. Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove the rotoscope filter from the videos once they are published.
You can’t remove the rotoscope filter even if you use third-party software tools to download and edit the videos. Users who have posted videos using the filter would be thankful for the app that ensures their physical privacy is maintained online.

Final words

TikTok provides creators with a variety of filter options to choose from. People can add or remove filters while creating content or from their drafts that have not been published yet. You need to make sure that you have everything perfect before saving or posting a video. This is because you can’t remove filters from a saved or posted video.