How to get the trickster voice on TikTok

TikTok has introduced several new voice effects and everyone is amused with the funny Trickster sound. Let’s have a look at it. The filter arrived with the TikTok app in the October 2022 update for most people. Using this you can warp your voice in loads of really hilarious and interesting ways.

So, you want to use the amazing effects of a trickster’s voice on TikTok? Maybe you have never used it nor it is showing up for you. Here's the good news: We can probably fix that.

By keeping the first thing first just try to pull up your effects as you create a TikTok and look for it there. But if you're reading this blog that probably means that you don't have it available. Don’t worry in this blog, we are going to discuss some ways to troubleshoot.

 What is Trickster’s voice on TikTok?

The TikTok application has many filters and effects that make video creation unique, attractive, and engaging. It has several impressive filters or effects like Slo-mo or Reverse. Now TikTok is spending more effort by focusing on another popular editing feature which is the voice effects feature. Initially, it was introduced that a user could find these voices in Text-To-Speech, but in a recent update, users can enjoy this feature to change their voice as well. This feature is known as the new Trickster voice and it is rising in popularity day by day.

How to get the trickster voice on TikTok

As the new Voice Filter feature was included in late October's update, to get the unique Trickster voice effect, everyone needs to update their TikTok app. Once the latest version has been installed, you can start using this feature anytime by opening this app. Several voice filters are more than enough to make your content much more interesting and amusing.

It is possible, to use the Trickster voice with a sound or a piece of music. By integrating this amazing feature into the features TikTok has somehow decreased the worth of voice editing software. TikTok's content creator can also use the Trickster voice in the Text-To-Speech feature.

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How to use trickster voice on TikTok

If you want to become a part of this viral trend, here are the steps by following them you can easily get the Trickster effect and all the other voice effects:

  • Record or upload your TikTok video content.
  • Tap on the pink tick.
  • Tap ‘voice effects’ in the bar placed on the right side.
  • Scroll through the voice filters and choose Trickster.
  • The voice effect will be applied to your video.

On some devices, you may have to click the ‘audio editing’ bar instead of ‘voice effects’ to find the filters.

You need to Press the '+' to begin a new recording. Record a video without any sound attached but with the necessary effects that are required. When you have done making the video, press the check to begin post-editing. On the next screen, you just need to scroll the right-side menu to find and select 'Audio Editing.' This menu will provide a huge library of voices and users can choose any of them and filter over their voice.

The only thing you need is to scroll through the options to find 'Trickster.' Tap on the select button. Once this feature is activated, the user's voice on the recording will start hearing like a high-pitched animated character.


There may not be as many audio clips available as they are offered by Canva but still TikTok offers plenty of voice effect options. There are 12 tabs in total, having over 15 different clips. For instance, the ‘Mechanical’ menu includes noises similar to a digital camera shutter or a typing keyboard. The ‘Daily Life’ voice effect features the sound of the opening of a door and the chopping up of vegetables. There are some other interesting tabs just as ‘Human Voices’ and ‘Horror’. This variety of sound is a good starting for every typical user and they are packed with plenty of possibilities.

TikTok offers many ways to craft the most professional-looking videos, by introducing these editing effects. TikTok user enjoys the advantage of having a suite of voice-to-text-speech, motion effects, and transitional features. You just need to keep on experimenting with them enough to produce high-quality TikTok and potentially gain many followers.

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