How To Save TikTok as Live Photo?

How To Save TikTok as Live Photo?

TikTok has become a phenomenon that has wrapped people of all ages within. The large and diverse users of the platform provide such variety that everybody can get a piece of it. Thousands of TikTok likes on the platform validate the popularity of the platform. Users download these videos to use in stories and statuses on other platforms.
Have you ever wondered if you can use a TikTok video as live wallpaper? You can use TikTok videos as Live Wallpaper; the steps are not very complex. And this piece will let you know precisely how to do so. Let's get straight to it.
But before we move on to the topic. Let’s understand the basics. 

What it Means: TikTok as Live Photo?

TikTok came out with a feature that encompasses the use of live photos. What it is? Well, it is more or less like a GIF, a feature that is introduced in several social media applications. However, not every device offers this feature. Yet it is something cool that people want to use. That is the reason why we have to understand if the device you own supports this feature or not. 
Furthermore, it is used in a particular way. All you have to do is to save the video in the live photo. Then, you can use this feature to move your video similar to GIF. 
Which devices support GIF images? Not all, sadly. It is supported by few devices and to know if it is accepted by the device or not. You have to check the performance of your phone. In case it starts lagging, then get the point that the device is not meant for it.

Can You Make Live Photos from All TikTok Videos?

TikTok allows the creators to decide whether to let the viewers download the videos. You can only make live photos from videos if the creators have enabled the download option. 
Furthermore, videos from the private account cannot be used to make live photos. You may see the videos of personal accounts on your feed if they have accepted your follow request, but you will not be able to download them.
That said, there are some third-party applications to work around it. You can use them to download videos even when the creators do not allow them. Once the video is downloaded, other third-party applications can be used to convert the downloaded video into live photos.

How To Make Live Photos from TikTok Videos?

The steps to download a video from TikTok as a live photo are different for iOS and Android. Let's take a look at both of them.

How To Make Live Photos from TikTok Videos?

Download Live Photo on iOS

You must follow the steps to convert TikTok videos into Live photos and use them as wallpaper.
Step #1: Unlock your iPhone and open TikTok
Step #2: Find the video that you want to convert.
Step #3: Tap on "Share," and it will open several options.
Step #4: Right next to the report, tap on "Live Photo."
Step #5: It will convert the video into a Live Image.
Once the video is converted, there are two ways to use it as wallpaper for the iPhone.

Method 1 - Set the Wallpaper Directly

Step #1: Open the “Live Photo” option
Step #2: Go to “Options”
Step #3: Select "Use as Wallpaper."
Step #4: The live image will be selected as your “Live Wallpaper”

Method 2 - Set the Wallpaper from Settings

Step #1: Go to the Settings
Step #2: Open Wallpaper right beneath Display & Brightness
Step #3: Select "Choose a New Wallpaper."
Step #4: Browse the downloaded live image and select it
Step #5: It will allow you to position the wallpaper as you want
Step #6: Once satisfied with the position, tap on "Set."
Step #7: You will get the option to either "Set Lock Screen" or "Select Both."
Step #8: Choose the option you want, and your new Live wallpaper is all set.
Note: Videos that have a high number of TikTok likes would make the best live wallpaper for your phone.

Download Live Photo on Android

Downloading Live Photo on Android is just as simple as on iOS. However, there is an additional step for Android users, which is to download an application. You must install TikTok Wall Pictures, an application developed by The same company runs TikTok, so there is no risk of malware or scams. Essentially, it is a plug-in that allows Android users to convert videos into live images with high TikTok views. Best part? The application is entirely free.
You can download the application from the Google Play Store.

Once it is installed, follow these steps;
Step #1: Unlock the Phone and Open TikTok
Step #2: Find the video that you want to convert
Step #3: Tap on the share button, and you will see several options.
Step #4: Select Download Lives Photo, and it will be downloaded.
Step #5: Find the video that has garnered many TikTok views to make the best wallpaper.
Once you have downloaded the video, there are two ways to use it as a live wallpaper. You can find the downloaded live image on the TikTok Wall Picture Application. Some versions of Android also show it in the Gallery. 

Method 1: Select the Wallpaper Directly

Step #1: Go to the Gallery and find the live photo you just downloaded.
Step #2: Tap on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen.
Step #3: Select the set as wallpaper.
Step #4: You will get two options, "Set as Lock Screen" and "Set Both.".
Step #5: Select the one you prefer, and your live wallpapers will be set as wallpaper.

Method 2: Select the Wallpaper from Settings

Step #1: Unlock the Phone and Go to the settings
Step #2: You can also search for wallpaper at the top of folder boxes in some Android interfaces.
Step #3: Find "Wallpaper and Style" and open it.
Step #4: Select Gallery and find the image that you downloaded.
Step #5: Again, you will get two options: "Set as Lock Screen" and "Set Both."
Step #6: Select the one per your personal likeness, and the wallpapers will be set.

Note: Generally, people go for videos with higher TikTok views, and most of the time, these are the best. But sometimes, even videos that have yet to garner more TikTok Likes can make great live wallpaper.

How To Delete Live Pictures from TikTok Wall Pictures?

You can delete all live pictures from the TikTok Wall Pictures application by selecting the live image and tapping on the three dots at the bottom of the screen. Select "Delete" from the options to remove the file from the application. Be mindful that deleting the live image from the application will also revert the wallpaper. 
Furthermore, deleting the TikTok Wall Picture Application will also have similar repercussions. But as soon as you reinstall the application, all the live wallpaper collections will automatically appear.

How To Make Live Wallpaper of Video That Is Not Downloadable?

As discussed earlier, TikTok lets the creators decide whether they want the viewers to download the video. And if they do not allow it, you will not be able to download them directly from the TikTok application. However, several workarounds can be used. You can use third-party applications to download the video and then use another application to convert it into a live photo.
The intricacies vary in different applications, but the basics remain the same. You have to copy the link of the TikTok video and paste it into these applications. Some applications only download videos that have enough TikTok views. Once the video is downloaded, import it into the third-party applications and convert it into live wallpapers.
Once the application converts the video into a live wallpaper, you can use the steps mentioned earlier to set the live image as your phone's wallpaper.

Conclusion: Saving TikTok as Live Photo

TikTok is a fantastic platform that provides a ton of stuff to users of all kinds. Some videos of natural landscapes, museums, and animals are just too attractive to be viewed once. You may want to watch those videos again and again. Thus, there is no better way to do that than to make them live wallpaper. The process is quite simple and does not require third-party applications, which some people are skeptical about. We hope we have articulated that in this piece.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I save TikTok as a live photo with sound? 

Supposing you are an iPhone user. Follow the steps mentioned below to save the photo with sound. 

Step #1: Launch the TikTok application on your iPhone. 
Step #2: Then look for the video you want to turn into the picture with sound. 
Step #3: Click on the “share” button (it resembles the curved arrow). 
Step #4: Press “Live Photo”.
Step #5: The video will convert into what you are looking for, a “live photo”. You can locate it in the photos app. 

Can I save videos as live photos on TikTok?

Yes, there is an option to save videos as live photos on TikTok. What do you need to know about it? well, first of all, you should know videos saved as pictures are for live wallpaper. Secondly, wallpapers are only for Android users and devices for now. Thirdly and most importantly, these images are not saved in the gallery of the device. 
On the other hand, if you are an iOS user, your wallpaper will be saved automatically in the gallery. 

What is the need to save live photos in TikTok?

It has more to do with the features it offers. For example, live photos are more interesting and attractive than still pic on DP. Secondly, live photos are easily clicked and used on any iOS device that supports the TikTok application. Cherry on top, your videos can be turned into live photos on TikTok. These pictures are used anywhere other than TikTok too. It can be Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Is it possible to save live videos for pictures on TikTok? 

Live streams can’t be clicked into a photo. It is because people can’t replay it to see the video.