How to Get Rid of Inactive Followers on TikTok?

Are you looking to get rid of inactive followers on your TikTok account? If yes, let me confess that these followers can be distracting and I have a blog that can help you know about its solution.

Followers that are not interacting in your videos and are just an extra addition to your profile are of no use. This decreases your engagement rate and the TikTok algorithm will affect you badly. Because no interaction on videos means no visibility and hence TikTok will take them as ghost followers. That way your TikTok account can be blocked permanently and you no longer have access to it.

So, if you are looking for better removal of these followers, we have a list of things you can do. You can read about blocking, removing, and about private accounts.

TikTok Already Helps You With That, But How?

TikTok is a great platform that helps people get their marketing goals for all kinds of brands. You can boost up the game of marketing and growth of your brand instantly by applying the right TikTok marketing strategies. While having inactive followers can cause the real issue to clear your way towards success. So, we are here to discuss what we can do when you have inactive followers. At the same time, the platform removes any inactive followers automatically.

For instance, it will remove if your followers have suspicious accounts. Or your account can be banned permanently so it's better to have a look at your profile insights more frequently. The application also allows you to see who unfollowed you, so it is an easy thing to work with. You wouldn’t even have to keep a track of activities on your profile. As there are several applications available online that can provide you with all the details and even send you notifications. As soon as someone follows you, unfollows you, blocks you, or visits your profile.  It’s a reliable and efficient solution to keep an eye on your profile and secret admirers.

Choose a trustworthy application so you don’t have to worry about the breach of data. As several applications are the cause of fraud, never share your credentials with them.

At the same time, you can analyze the reasons for any followers lost for your account.

When to Use A Private Account?

You can try a private account if you are looking to avoid any kind of unwanted followers. It will be easy to avoid any such followers when you have a private account. You can allow people to join your account if you want them to be there. Because while having a public account anyone can follow you and have access to your content. If you convert your public account to private this will give you more control over your profile.

You can now choose by yourself who can watch your content and who is not allowed to even follow you. This gives feasibility and relaxation of mind because you’ll be sure that your list of followers is chosen by you. This means you get to choose who sees your content and who does not have any permission for that.

The Technical Method To Remove Them

There are some technical methods that you can try to get rid of any inactive followers that you can rely on. So, try to get results with that. 

Method Number 1:

  1. Go to your “Profile” tab in the bottom right side of your application interface.
  2. You can tap the “Followers” button.
  3. The next thing will be to tap the 3 dots icon.
  4. Last option to use will be to tap the “Remove Follower” option.

This is one of the easiest ways you can remove your inactive followers from the application. 

Method Number 2: 

  1. You can open your TikTok application on your device. 
  2. Log in, if you are not already logged into it.
  3. Search for the inactive user that you want to remove. 
  4. Next, you should hit the three dot icon and you can tap “Block.”  
  5. There is no notification for the blocked user when you get rid of inactive followers on TikTok like this. 

This method is one of the most reliable ones as your followers will not know if you blocked them or not. 

Method Number 3:

  1. You should go to your account Settings and uncheck the “Follow Everyone” tab.
  2. This one works only when you want to get rid of all of your followers.

A more simple but less preferable way will be to ask your followers to stop following you. This one may be considered a rude one that you should always avoid unless anything too serious occurs. 

Method Number 4: 

  1. You can go to the “Followers” tab.
  2. The second step will be to tap red colored “X” in your profile.
  3. Then, you can select “Delete Follow.”

Another method would be to mute people when you are looking to get rid of people for the purpose.

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Final Thoughts

We discussed some of the top methods to get rid of any unwanted followers on TikTok. So, you can use methods like blocking them individually, in bulk, and removing them if you need that. You can choose the method according to your needs and desire. It's not necessary to block all followers or to remove them completely from your profile. Because for every follower, you can apply a different method for every individual. As some followers are continuously disturbing or a source of abusive comments or reports of your account.

A simple solution to deal with such users is to block them right away. Also before you remove inactive followers make a video and ask for their engagement. You can try different techniques like challenges, reply to their comments or make duets with them. If the interaction rate remains the same it's time to remove them from your profile.


If you remove a follower on tiktok can they follow you again?

No follower will get a notification if you block them on TikTok. So, you should look for ways to block them. It also helps you get rid of them permanently. So, you do not have to worry about them coming back if you do not want them back.

If i remove a follower on tiktok will they know?

You do not have to worry about followers being notified for such an activity. But if they search you, they might find out that they have been blocked. On the other hand, your removed follower does get a notification when you remove them.

If you remove a follower on tiktok can they follow you again?

Removing your follower will give them a notification that you may not like to have. So, you should be looking to get the results with that.

How to remove tiktok followers at once?

If you want to get rid of followers in one go, there are ways as well. You can go to the application you can open Menu, and go to your TikTok Activity. Go to the bottom of the application interface and tap the “Unfollow All” tab to get rid of all of your followers. But we suggest you not choose this option if you want to maintain a balanced engagement rate for your profile.