How to Filter Comments on TikTok?

Like any other social media platform. TikTok too has a feature where users can comment on videos. Sometimes, the comments are full of praise. Other times, it is not! What do these comments have instead? Well, it is all negativity and hates speech that is not appreciated by those who have posted videos. Also having such bad comments with vulgar language will also affect your online presence. As this is adding negativity to the community that is not acceptable for a positive surrounding.

If you think that there is an issue in your content that is causing people to comment with bad words on your videos. Try changing the context of your videos and don’t forget to follow the guidelines of the platform. After changing the strategies and context of your videos if the issue remains there. Then it's time to focus on removing the comments that are causing issues. Below is the importance of comments that will help you understand why removing all comments is not a good approach?

Importance of Comments

At the same time, we know the worth of these comments, right? These are the source of bringing traction, ranking your TikTok videos, increasing visibility and reach; etc. You cannot turn off comments for all videos just because of such people who are looking to spread hate among each other on social media. Also, this will affect the growth of your profile, and eventually, your brand will not get the reach it needs. If you turn off the comment section no one would be able to give their suggestions, and reviews and pass positive remarks. Comments on TikTok are appreciated for several other reasons.

For example, it helps in interacting with the audience, knowing the preferences of potential buyers, and helping in getting viral. This can cause problems while creating content because you wouldn’t be able to know your targeted audience and their interests. This will eventually decrease the engagement rate and your video will not get the visibility and reach it deserves. 

However, when it comes to harsh comments, we are left with no option other than to disable comments. The need for filtering or disabling comments becomes necessary for the following reasons.

Options to Choose for Better Engagement on TikTok

So, if someone asks “how to filter comments on TikTok?” there are two options that you can choose from. It is important to let them know about the options so that the person can decide better which option to choose according to his/her preferences.

Option 1: If you keep negative comments on your profile, this will bring more engagement and traffic. But eventually, your brand will get a negative image and people will think there is some issue.

Option 2: While disabling comments will result in not getting engagement, enough reach, and resulting in zero traffic through comments.

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Solution – How to Filter Comments on TikTok?

six easy ways to filter tiktok comments

If you choose the second option which is to remove the comments, we’ll help you find a better way that is to filter comments. Yes, you can filter comments that you think are not appropriate, abusive, or harassing. This will prove to be a better option rather than deleting all comments. In that way engagement rate on your profile will remain stable, also your videos will remain safe from all sorts of negativity.

Solution – Filter Certain Words

There is a feature in TikTok that helps in keeping an eye on negative words. If you are thinking about the purpose of this filter feature. Let us inform you that through filters you can hide certain words. Those words will not appear in the comment.

Now that you know the solution, why not check things closely and learn more about “how to filter comments on TikTok?”

How to Activate or Enable a Filter for Comments?

If you have already decided to opt for filtering comments on TikTok. Then you just need to follow the below steps to easily filter comments that don’t look good and giving a negative impact on your profile.

Step #1: First of all, open TikTok and log in to the account.

Step #2: Now find “Profile” and open the menu. You can find it at the bottom of the right corner.

Step #3: Once you do that, now click on the icon where you would see three lines. This will be seen on the phone’s right upper corner.

Step #4: Now, since you have pressed that icon, you will be able to see many options. Instead of clicking on any option, press “Privacy”. To know if you are pressing the right option, please know that it will have a lock icon.

Step #5: As soon as you enter the “Privacy” page, scroll down to the point where you see the “Comments” option.

Step #6: Now that you have pressed “Comments”, there will be another menu. Options that you will see include “Filter Keywords”, “Filter all Comments”, and “Filter Spam & Offensive Comments”. Since you are just looking to filter the keywords. Please press “Filter Keywords”.

Step #7: After that, a text box will be seen. That is where you can type all words, phrases, or keywords which need to be removed or filtered from the comments. Don’t forget to press “done” or “save”.

What Happens After Filtering Comments on TikTok?

See, as we mentioned above, the first thing you will see or observe is the lack of comments. Well, it is a myth because people as in the audience will still comment. The only difference is that the comments they will do might not come as they usually write. Why it is so? The answer to it is simple. People will comment and only hurtful or harmful words and phrases will be removed. This will bring more peace of mind, less drama, and extra saucy content with all the right ingredients.

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Ways to Limit Comments to Solo Person on TikTok?

After watching trending videos or those which are viral on TikTok. You might notice that some of them allow only one user to comment under the video. That is true when you open the comments section. How can you select one or some of the users to comment on your videos? Well, you can choose some specific people to comment on your videos and no one else would be able to comment except those whom you selected. Sometimes you want to hear from a few people or your friends about your content for an honest review. With the below process, you can achieve this.

Well, to do that please follow the steps mentioned below.

Step #1: Open and log in to TikTok through an app.

Step #2: Now find “who can comment…”

Step #3: Maintain the privacy and set it to “friends”.

Step #4: Unfollow all those profiles who shouldn’t comment on videos of yours.

Likewise, if you want to restrict comments to one person. Unfriend all other profiles. Also, ensure that others are unfollowed as well. That way, you will only get comments from that one person who is added as a friend to your TikTok account.

Advantages of Filtering Comments

As mentioned above deleting all comments will result in the loss of your profile. Because the engagement rate will decrease and eventually your visitors will take less interest. As there isn’t any option for other users to share their thoughts and ideas. So with the filtering of comments, not all comments will get deleted but the ones that you want to show will remain there. In that way visibility, engagement, and reach of your profile will remain stable. This feature helps you maintain the stability of your account and your comments will have no bad impact on new visitors.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is a platform full of creativity where every individual creates content according to his perspective and shares thoughts on others’ content. To make TikTok a safe and positive platform there are several control options available for you. Especially when it comes to comments ‘one fits for all’ solution doesn’t work. As everyone has their thoughts and mentality. So with the help of the filter comments option, you can have more control over your videos. Now you can easily remove those comments that are inappropriate. Besides that, no one would be able to comment on those words that you restrict.