How Does TikTok “For You Page” Algorithm Work?

To know everything about how to make through “For You Page” on TikTok. We have to understand the following areas. After which it will become very easy to understand from the user’s end.

TikTok “For You” Algorithm – A Quick Introduction

This is a particular stream or series of videos on TikTok which is based on the user’s activities. Since TikTok is video centric social media app. It offers content that works on special algorithms. For example, if the user is getting all he really prefers (likes, dislikes, etc.) it has a reason to it, right?

“For You” is suggested on the home screen. It means the content user sees on the home screen is watched first and then the user hops on to other videos.

Remember, the content suggested to you will always be different from other TikTok profiles. Yes, it is correct if we say that every “For You” page will remain unique based on the preferences and activities.

Importance of TikTok “For You Page”

See, we have a blog on “For You” page for a reason – it is something extremely important. First of all, it is something people watch as the first thing on the app. It has more potential for leads, better prospects of making money (after the profile is monetized), gets more reach and views, excellent engagement rate, and whatnot!

Finding content for TikTok creators or those who want to level up their game in sales or marketing becomes easier. It means, that if you have a brand on TikTok, the probability of achieving monthly milestones becomes swifter.

However, it is not the only way to find suitable content. There is another solid way to make sure of checking preferred content through “Discover” option.

At the same time if the user thinks TikTok reads his/her mind. That would be wrong because whatever you see is based on TikTok For You algorithm. Many users found it hilariously spooky to see the accurate content.

Now that we know the basics, let’s delve deeper and find out about TikTok For You algorithm works and how can one make it to the TikTok For You page.

Functionality of TikTok For You Algorithm

As mentioned above, TikTok For You algorithm works on three main groundings.

  • Activities of the use which include comments, shares, and views.
  • Videos that are liked by the user.
  • All those videos which are not (disliked) by the user.

Other Aspects to Reach TikTok For You

Other than these basic actions, some factors make the user watch a particular set or group of content. What are those? Let’s check it out.

#1: Account & Device Setting

The user sees content based on preferences but at the same time, it records the country you are from and the language you speak! That’s the reason why it is important to rely on the setting of the device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Let’s take an example. Imagine you are from Chicago but want to see content from Minnesota. All you have to do is to change the settings of your device. Viola! That’s literally it!

#2: Actions on Videos

Another way to see the content of your choice, users must check what they are doing on TikTok. Every share, comment, like, and follow will make a swift turn towards what to show you. Likewise, if the user is not down for watching certain videos on TikTok. He or she can just click on “Not Interested”. Later, the user can observe a change – he will not get such types of videos again.

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#3: Information about the Video

Other than the activities and setting of the device, there are a few aspects that help in recommending a specific type of video. What are those aspects? Well, it includes the use of hashtags, sounds, and even captions!!

Factors that Don’t Change TikTok For You Algorithm

No matter what you do, the user will see only what is based on the three factors explained above. If the following measures are taken into place, it will not really matter!

  • The number of followers will not make any difference on algorithms.
  • High-performing videos that the user had made in the past will not matter in present times.

This is something to cherish, right? Not every beginner would be able to build followers but yes, with the right kind of content, he will be able to make it to the next level. Remember, whatever the user sees as a recommendation is more of a snowball effect.

  • Recommendations are on what the user may like to enjoy
  • Comments, likes, and shares the user does on different videos
  • Resonation of content with different content creators and then displays it on your “For You Page”

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How to Achieve For You” Page

This section is for all those who are using TikTok for branding, better sales, and awesome marketing of their products or services.

So, if you are one of them, this section will decode the ways to get on TikTok For You page. Remember, these pro tips are tried and tested. There is no risk in trying them out.

#1: Use of Trending Audios and Sounds

TikTok is all about videos and videos with audio or sounds are the core basis of the ranking system. That’s the reason why if you use sounds and audio, it will have more chances of displaying on “For You” pages. However, if you want to know which sounds are on trend, discover them through the “Discover” tab. Another way to explore trending audio or sounds is scrolling. More videos will be posted with a specific sound. Once you are sure of using a certain sound, then add it to your content. To know how many times a particular sound has been used, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step #1: Press the sound icon which is situated on the right-hand side of bottom corner.

Step #2: Upon pressing the sound icon, you will be redirected to the sound’s page.

Step #3: You will see how many times the sound was used. 

#2: Work with TikTok Content Creators

This is one of the most beneficial ways to hack TikTok For You algorithm legally. All you have to do is to make sure of working as in collaborating with TikTok content creators. Usually, they are termed as influencers who happen to have massive followers and are worth envying reach. Once you work with them, the prospects of reaching different audiences increase.

You don’t have to act naïve around them and let them do things the way is best for both parties. The reason why you should let influencers take over is because of the following reasons.

  • They are in the marketplace for years and possess inside news as to how to elevate their profile and bring more sales, revenues, and ROI (rate of interest).
  • Secondly, they are well aware of inside jokes, trending music, what to do or not do, etc.
  • Usually, they are ready to guide and help in finding the direction.

#3: Know Your Audience Deeper

To know which posts will reach maximum audience, it is very crucial to understand your targeted audience. Without knowing the audience, you will reach the goal but will take a lot of time. So, in order to work smartly, you must know the following areas of your audience.

  • Age group – not every content is for everyone out there. Creating posts for a particular age group will make content float on left, right, and center.
  • Gender – know the gender that is interested in checking out your content. This will be best explained that males will not wear tampons and you have to direct it towards women.
  • Location and Language: prefer English for all sorts of videos. It is because English is understood by half of the lot who use TikTok. If you think it is not the case, simply work on the language that can reach your preferred audience.
  • Likes, Dislikes, and Overall Preference: overall preference of the audience is something to never forget. Set the mood of your videos and then continue it with a little twist.

#4: Best Use of Hashtags

Hashtags help in making content reach TikTok For You algorithm. It means, with the right use of hashtags you will be able to come to the surface!

#5: Understand the Dynamics of Boosting Engagement

More organic viewers will get to watch your videos if and when there are more likes, shares, or comments. Every like will enable the algorithm to work in your favor. Smart TikTokers make use of “hooks” in their videos. The purpose of creating hooks in the content is to help viewers watch other similar content on your profile. Asking questions in the post is another way to get comments.

#6: Post Content at Appropriate Time

Videos that you see on TikTok on the “For You” page are not very old. Usually, they are created less than 24 hours ago. That means, to make it to the next phase of the TikTok profile (let it be for business or not) post at the most appropriate time. To know the right time, you must know the audience well. For example, if your audience is a college-going lot, then post content between 2 and 5 PM. Likewise, if the audience is more of a working-class, then 8 PM or 2 PM sounds perfect. At 8 PM they are usually home and at 2 PM most of the offices give break for lunch, etc.