What is TikTok's 'Reverse AI Filter' Trend?

TikTok has become an undisputed trendsetter. Every viral dance move, filter, and video template starts from this platform. Millions of users around the world create new trends and participate in them. A new trend involving AI filters has taken the world by storm. People experience TikTok reverse filters worldwide, but some are skeptical. And if you want to use this filter, this guide has all the answers. Let's get straight to it.

What Exactly is TikTok Reverse AI Filter?

Filters are vital components of TikTok. It is what makes posting videos on the platform so simple and easy. You can get thousands of TikTok views without even putting in much effort. TikTok's filters convert ordinary videos and pictures into appealing art that thousands worldwide like. TikTok keeps adding new filters and effects into the library to keep the users engaged. And the Reverse AI filter is one such recent addition.

What does “new filter” allow?

The new filter allows users to convert their photos into art, deservedly getting more views and interactions. Users upload their photos in the application and apply the filter, which converts them into art that resembles an oil painting.

Cancelation of identifiable features

Since the AI filter conceals all identifiable features, it gets difficult to recognize the person in the picture. And because of that, people converted their revealing and explicit photos via TikTok Reverse AI filter and uploaded them on the platform. Unsurprisingly, the videos became quite popular and garnered ample interactions.

Reverse AI art of pictures

But while the pictures were circulated on the platform, some users claimed that they could reverse the AI art, which meant they could convert the art back into the original photo or video. It caused a bit of a stir, considering some users had posted very compromising pictures on the platform.

Can AI Filter Be Reversed?

In contrast to claims made by some users, AI art cannot be reversed. Even the users who started these rumors did not provide evidence to support their claims. Experts have rebuffed this myth and said it is impossible to change AI-generated art. 

It is because when AI converts the image into art, it does not include the source file in the converted image. And the source file is essential if anyone wants to reverse the image. In simple words, the image generated by AI is entirely new and is now integrated with the original picture. Hence, there is no truth to the rumors.

However, that does not mean converting explicit images into art and subsequently uploading them on TikTok is safe. When a user wants to convert the image into AI art, it has to be uploaded to a server. And the policies of different websites vary regarding the privacy of stored data. Furthermore, no server is 100% secure, and even if the privacy policies of a particular website are solid, it still needs to eliminate the risks. Sophisticated hackers can track the website that converts the image into AI art and try to hack its server.

Another factor that can compromise your privacy is internet routers. If you are connected via Wi-Fi to the internet, the connection can be hacked to meddle with outgoing internet traffic. It is especially true when it comes to public internet connection.

Should You Use TikTok Reverse AI Filter?

Since the AI filter is in trend, it can get you a lot of TikTok views and grow your following. Furthermore, it can land you into the "For You" section of the platform, which is considered the holy grail of success on TikTok. But if you are holding yourself back because someone might reverse the photos or videos, there is nothing to worry about. 

As explained earlier, it is impossible, even if most sophisticated AI experts try their hands at it. AI conceals the features of the face and body that can be used to recognize anyone. And no one, not even the experts, can create those features back unless they have the original photo.

However, that does not mean one should be careful while uploading such pictures on a social networking platform. You must use a trustworthy website with sophisticated security to convert the images into AI art. Furthermore, checking the website's privacy policy is vital to ensure your data would not get into the wrong hands. And more importantly, never use public internet connections to convert the images into AI art. Hackers on these public networks can intercept the outgoing information and get access to the data that can compromise you.

Another thing that you should be mindful of is TikTok's platform policies. It does not allow naked photos and videos on the platform. Thus, when you have converted an image, ensure that it resembles art. It should be different from everyday photos and videos because that can lead to the suspension of the account.

How To Use TikTok AI Filter?

Using an AI filter is straightforward for people who have used TikTok before. But this section is for those who are new to the platform;

Step #1: Open the TikTok Application and tap on the "+" button.

Step #2: Tap on the "Upload" button on the bottom right side of the screen. It will lead you to the gallery.

Step #3: Find the photo or video that you want to convert.

Step #4: Tap on "Effects" on the screen's side panel at the top right side of the screen.

Step #5: Select the AI effect that you want to use on the picture.

Step #6: Once the effect is applied, tap "save" at the top of the screen.

Step #7: You will be able to post it on a story or upload it on the feed. Select where you want to upload the video and proceed.

Because of geo-restriction, some regions might still need to receive the new AI filters. Thus, such users would not be able to find AI effects from the library. But there is nothing to worry about, as several third-party applications can get the job done. A simple Google search, "Convert Photo into AI art," will reveal several websites that can convert images into AI art. After checking for the things we discussed earlier, upload the picture and start the conversion.

Google Play Store and Apple's App Store have third-party applications that can also be used. You have to upload the pictures, and the applications will convert them.

How Can TikTok AI Filter Help You Improve Account Following?

TikTok AI filters can be instrumental in growing your account. It is in trend these days, and anyone who has used TikTok will tell you that participating in such trends is a gateway to success on the platform. Thousands of people worldwide are capitalizing on this trend to increase their following and gain more interactions. You can also achieve that by implementing the following areas.

#1: Uploading content at the right time

Always upload the content at the times when your followers are most active. You can estimate these times by analyzing the stats from the analytics. Posting at a time when followers are more active makes the video more discoverable, which consequently gets more interactions.

#2: Use Right Hashtags

Every trend uses specific hashtags, and people who want to watch the content of a trend do so by clicking on the hashtags. You must incorporate relevant hashtags in the video to appear in that section and hence would be less likely to become successful on the platform.

#3: Experiment with different content

It is highly unlikely that you upload just a single video or photo on the trend and it goes viral. If it happens, consider yourself lucky, but if it does not, there is no need to be discouraged. You will eventually get there. Just keep uploading the content on the trend and find out which worked best for the audience. Once you figure out the best content niche, keep uploading it consistently to get more TikTok likes and views. 

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#4: Interact with other accounts

Interact with accounts that have uploaded similar content. The best way is to create a duet with your content on one side next to a video that has gained high popularity. You can also leave comments under the uploads of popular accounts to urge users to visit your account.

Conclusion: What’s the Reverse AI Filter Trend?

The new AI filter is in trend, which can be capitalized to garner plenty of TikTok views. Converting the photos to AI art is super-easy and does not involve many steps. You only have to upload the picture, and TikTok will transform it. But people in some regions might have to use third-party applications because of geo-restriction of the effects. 

While you can handle the AI art getting reversed, other things should be considered while converting extremely personal photos. Be sure to check the security employed for the website, the privacy policy, and, most importantly, the safety of your internet connection. Never use public internet connections to upload or convert explicit photos on TikTok or any other social networking platform.