Fun Facts About TikTok in 2024 You Didn't Know!

It all started in 2016 with ByteDance launching an app called Douyin in China. In 2017, this app circulated the world as TikTok. It allowed users to create and upload short-form videos and discover content from other creators. 

The unique content format of TikTok is giving other social media networks quite a tough competition. It has gained immense popularity among users globally since its inception for the immersive experience it offers. This post shares some amazing facts about TikTok in 2024 that we bet you didn’t know before! It makes a great platform for businesses to reach their target audience as well. 

Active Users

TikTok has over 1.7 billion monthly active users, reporting a 390% increase in its user base since 2018. It acquired over 500 million users in the first year of its launch. Now, it’s the sixth most popular social media in the world, succeeding Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat. 

What sets TikTok apart is the fact that its user base grew into millions in less time than it took for bigger social networks such as Facebook. This exponential increase in its number of users every year highlights its global popularity and makes it a potent market for businesses to tap into.

Active Users 


TikTok has reached 4.1 billion downloads to date ever since its launch in 2016. It was the first app besides Facebook to hit the milestone of 3 billion downloads in 2021. The number keeps growing given the increasing popularity of the app. 

TikTok was also the app with the most positive reviews in the U.S. in 2020. It got 88% positive reviews from users.  Downloads

User Demographics

TikTok’s user base is diverse in terms of its demographics. Overall, 57% of TikTok users are female while 43% are males from all over the world. It’s an interesting fact as there are few apps out there with a higher percentage of female users. This statistic gives TikTok an edge over others. 

Apart from gender distribution, the age distribution stats are also worth noting as TikTok attracts audiences belonging to various age groups with the younger generation dominating, of course.

  • 11-year-olds or younger people make up 2.5% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 12 to 17-year-olds make up 17.7% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 18 to 24-year-olds make up 23.9% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 44% of users are under the age of 25. 

  • 25 to 34-year-olds make up 25.2% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 35 to 44-year-olds make up 17.1% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 45 to 54-year-olds make up 6.7% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 55 to 64-year-olds make up 5.2% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

  • 65-year-olds or older people make up 1.8% of TikTok's monthly active users in the US.

User Demographics

Time Spent

According to a study, the average time spent on TikTok has only grown since 2019. It has gone from 27.4 minutes per day in 2019 to 52 minutes in 2022. In 2023, the daily time spent on the app was 55.8 minutes. This amount is expected to rise to 58.4 minutes in 2024. 

These statistics make TikTok rank among some of the top platforms for influencer marketing and video marketing. It is argued that TikTok emerged as the most addictive app in 2022 with 28.7 hours spent on the app per month. In comparison to TikTok, the average time spent on other social media apps such as Facebook (16 hours) and Instagram (8 hours) was quite less. It is no surprise that 1 billion videos are watched daily on the app when so much time is being spent here. This is one of the factors leading to the exponential growth of TikTok.  

Time Spent

Largest Markets

The largest markets for TikTok include the U.S., Indonesia, and Brazil. As of 2023, the highest number of TikTok users comes from the U.S. which is 150 million. Brazil and Indonesia closely follow with 113 million and 84.3 million users respectively. 

According to these figures, these three countries stand on top in terms of number of users based on region. It provides businesses an edge for targeting people in these countries through TikTok. 

On another note, 200 million users hailed from India before TikTok was banned there in the middle of 2020. It was a huge loss for marketers as TikTok rapidly became one of the most successful social networks in India.

Largest Markets


User Engagement

According to statistics, TikTok is ranked as the social media network with the highest engagement rates consistently, leaving behind major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. TikTok boasts an average engagement rate of 4.24%, whereas the average engagement rates of Instagram and TikTok stand far behind at 0.60% and 0.15%. 

The content format of TikTok plays a key role in generating such a high engagement rate. The videos are shorter in length and each user’s experience on the app is highly personalized based on their interests and content preferences. Moreover, 

TikTok is a place where trends and challenges go viral overnight, evoking users from all over the world to join the fun. They shower the trending videos with tiktok likes. This action-driven phenomenon encourages users to create content with trending music and share it on TikTok, building collective engagement. 

User Engagement

An average user opens the TikTok app 19 times a day. The average length for each session is roughly 11 minutes. Kids spend roughly 2 hours daily on the app. So it is no surprise that TikTok is the platform with the highest user engagement rates. 

TikTok Revenue

TikTok’s revenue went from $63 million in 2017 to $9.4 billion in 2023. This exponential growth has come as a result of several factors in the working. One of which is its growing user base and advertisers investing in the platform. 

The revenue generated from in-app purchases in the third quarter of 2023 is the highest until now. It was worth $680.74 million. In the first quarter of 2023, TikTok users were reported to spend $1 billion which is a record-breaking figure in history. No other app has surpassed a billion dollars in a single quarter before TikTok. 

TikTok Revenue


TikTok’s ad revenue has also been exponentially increasing ever since. In 2021, the ad revenue generated was $4.6 billion which was a remarkable increase of 142% from the previous year. It was $14.15 in 2023 which is expected to rise to $18.49 in 2024.

Advertisers see great potential in TikTok which is why they are increasing their spending on the app. TikTok generates a huge ROI for brands so it is only rational for them to expand their marketing budgets on TikTok. 

In A Nutshell,

You have probably gone through all of these mind-blowing statistics which is why you have now arrived at this part of the post. In a nutshell, although we have a lot to say, let’s keep it short over here. TikTok is a highly potent space for creators and marketers alike. It makes an amazing launchpad for businesses and TikTok influencers to grow their presence and reach new heights. In light of all these numbers and stats, it’s high time you start using TikTok to its full potential!