Privacy Policy

At your privacy will never breach. It is because we have complete faith in holding your privacy close to our hearts. Information collected in our system upon your visit to is always secured and safe with us.

Likesforyou – What it is?

Likesforyou is a service page that is not directly linked with TikTok. However, this website is operated for the TikTok community. Likesforyou is not a commercial body or entity. At the same time, we are the custodians of TikTokers who like to get some primary assistance in the form of boost, reach, visibility, and engagement.

How Likesforyou Function?

Likesforyou collects information, data storage, third-party access to information, cookies, policies, and responsibilities.

1.     Information Collected by Likesforyou

      Log Data

The web browser through which the client visits our official website catches information instantly. This data, however, is termed as well as considered “non-identifying” which means it is not leaking personal information. In this type of information, data is not about the visitors’ names or home addresses. Instead, IP address which is typically the internet protocol or computer’s address, browser’s version or/and type, time as well as the date of visiting internet pages or sites, and similar details are stored.

       Ways to Collect Information

All the information collected by Likesforyou is quite fair and done in lawful ways. It clearly means, we have the consent and knowledge of extracting information. Clients are notified about the information we collect. Not just that, we also inform our clients about the use of information and different channels through which the information will be extracted. Likesforyou gives the right to clients to accept or refuse our demand to gather information. Upon getting consent from the clients, we make use of their personal information. 

      Personal Information

Besides “non-identifying information” we gather data that is categorized under “identifying data”. In such information, we at Likesforyou store info like client’s email address and their name. Such identifying information is only requested when someone buys a service from us, Likesforyou to facilitate the client with the best service in the future. Without such information, we will not be able to get back to them for feedback. Therefore, the need of collecting this type of personal information is a must.

2.     Use of Collected Information

In order to know and understand the tastes of our visitors, Likesforyou tend to make use of the combination of identifying and non-identifying information. The collection of such data enables us to know the following areas.

Who are our visitors?

How do our visitors use Likesforyou services?

What measures are important to make our services better than before?

Here, it is a must to understand that the information extracted from different sources is not for public use. However, Likesforyou has the liberation to use as well as share such info anonymously.

3.     Modification, Deletion, & Update of Policies

Likesforyou has all the right to change, update, and/or modify sections or all privacy policies. Responsible measures will be taken in order to inform our clients about the changes, modifications, or updates through the website. If and when the client uses our website to buy TikTok services, he automatically agrees and accepts the practices made in the use of personal data.

4.     Access of Information to Third-Party

Marketing and sales are dependent on activities for which third parties are required. Without them, the success rate may defer and decline. Therefore, to maintain progress we are bound to make use of third parties. In such cases, Likesforyou grants permission to work on specific tasks based on non-identifying data. If in case we need personal or identifying information, we explicitly seek permission from the client to maintain trust and confidence. Also, in doing so, third-party services are not allowed to disclose personal information to anyone for any reason.

Likesforyou refuses to give data to government or/and law requests. However, to make things smooth and work in the interest of the company and the clients. We may give details of the information collection. In such situations, we comply with the needs of government, law, and enforcement. Such cases don’t occur but if they do, we protect Likesforyou property, rights, and client’s safety. This is done to protect clients to prevent fraudulent acts, crimes, and illegal and unethical activities.

In other cases, we don’t supply personal data to any third party. It is true that Likesforyou doesn’t sell clients’ personal information to anyone.

5.     Client’s Responsibilities & Duties

It is the right of our client to know about the ways through which we collect information and where the information is used or applied. Clients are given the liberty to update, correct, and request deletion of the data provided. Likewise, the clients have the right to restrict the use of their personal information. To maintain trust and confidence in us, Likesforyou allows the client to contact us if needed. We are always there for our clients in case they are confused regarding the use of their information.

6.     Data Processing & Storage

The use of information collected is used either to improve our services or to provide certain services. The retention of the personal info is primarily to protect the client from theft, loss, unauthorized accessibility, copying, disclosure, or modification. That said, Likesforyou is 100% secure for the purchase of TikTok services.

7.     Children’s Privacy & Safety

Information from and of individuals below 13 years of age is not recorded. We request parents and guardians to let us know if a child under 13 years of age is participating in an activity that gives out personal information. We like to have your consent on it and will not use any info provided by an individual who is below 13 years.

8.     Policy Limitations

Likesforyou works with third-party service providers, partners, as well as affiliates who function in the same policies of privacy as ours. However, if they change privacy policies after our agreement of aligned policies, it will not be in our control. Therefore, such activities and policies will not be our concern. We, Likesforyou will not be responsible for anything that happens without our approval.